Top ten pieces of clothing for science lovers!

Sometimes it's just not enough to love science, but we want to wear it too. It was ridiculously hard to narrow it down to so few pieces, but the following are just ten examples of geek couture at its finest.

1. Braaains Skater Skirt by Black Milk Clothing:

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So, what do you do when you want not just to have the brains, but to wear them as well? Well, ‘Black Milk Clothing’ has got you covered. Black Milk is an Australian-based clothing brand whose fans are termed ‘Sharkies’, due to their hunger for nylon that led to the crashing of the Black Milk site in the early days. The ‘Braaains Skater Skirt’ was released as part of a Halloween collection last year and whilst it's no longer available on their site (and now termed a ‘Museum’ piece), there are plenty of groups on Facebook where you can buy pre-loved items, often at RRP or lower, as well as Museum sales where pieces are made available again for a limited period of time!

2. Mechanical Bones Catsuit, by Black Milk Clothing:


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Also on the Black Milk site is a perfect piece for any anatomy or osteo-enthusiast and that's the ‘Mechanical Bones Catsuit’, where you can really show the world what is on the inside!

3. Microscope Cufflinks, by BrooklynYards:


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One pair of accessories that will satisfy the nerd urge across the world of science is these microscope cufflinks available on ‘Etsy’, because nothing says smart casual like a suit with shiny microscopes glamming up the sleeves! A definite piece for any conference or ball!

4. Atoms shoes, by TOMS:




Mix science with style, wearing these 'Atoms’ TOMS - available in both men’s and women’s sizes. A cool way to science up your summer wardrobe!

5. Proton Tee, by AlexNoir:


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Everyone needs at least one statement T-shirt that gains appreciative nods from passersby and ‘Redbubble’ are the home of MANY of these awesome prints. Redbubble feature the work of many different designers and one in particular for you subatomic particle peeps is the ‘Think Like A Proton and Stay Positive’ tee, that’s sure to bring a smile to even the dullest of lectures!

6. Planet System Tee, by Bernhard Trunkle:


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‘Threadless’ is another great website where you can buy geeky tees from a range of designers, including this ‘Planet System’ tee that sees Pluto being kicked off of Newton’s Cradle. Although the debate continues as to whether Pluto is actually a true planet, a dwarf planet or even a planet at all, this tee is a reminder of the time that we put Pluto completely aside. It sucks to be Pluto.

7. Science Neckties, on Zazzle:



Science Neckties

Mitotic metaphase tie by scigifts

Drosophila Mutants by thebluejaysgarden

Wondering what to get the scientist in your life for that big presentation they have coming up? Look no further as ‘Zazzle’ have got just the thing! ‘Zazzle’ sell a range of gifts and probably the most impressive is their extensive range of ‘Science Neckties’. I’m going to cheat and consider all of these as one single item, but their stock list ranges from ties featuring cells in “metaphase” (although, here at pH7 we’re pretty sure that’s anaphase!) to MRI scans of the human brain. They even have a ‘Drosophila mutants’ tie, which both Biomedical Scientists and Geneticists will be all too familiar with!

Whichever aspect of science takes your fancy; it’s almost guaranteed that there will be a tie for it!

8. Retinal neuron leggings, by Shenova:


Sellers on ‘Etsy’ have proven their talent again, this time with the shop ‘Shenova’ who feature these awesome psychedelic retinal neuron leggings, which are sure to catch your eye (pun totally intended) and the print is also available in a pencil skirt.

Buy them here.

9. Oxytocin necklace, by IFLS:


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‘IFLS’ stock a range of science-related jewellery and what better way to show you care than an oxytocin necklace! Oxytocin is often referred to as the bonding hormone due to its influence on maternal behaviors and other forms of social interaction, making this a great gift for those close to you. Oxytocin also plays a role in orgasm, so if you want a more subtle method of letting someone know that they rock your world, that they can even wear in front of the potential future in-laws, this necklace may be the way to go.

10. Science Bitch tee, by perdita00:


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Last, but not least, is the 'Science Bitch' T-shirt, a phrase made famous by the lovably rogue Jesse from Breaking Bad, which made you look at your Chemistry teacher in a whole different light. This shirt is available from a large range of sites, each slightly differing in design. Whilst some would love this purely based on the show, us scientists can walk around with a bit of sass, proudly donning a garment that summarises exactly how we feel when an experiment finally goes right.

We don't just watch it on TV - we live it.

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