New Glasses Let Wearer See Dead People – Charlie Delilkan

Do you remember one of those old icebreaker questions that asked which five people either living or dead you would take to dinner? Well it could be possible in a few years for this dinner to become a reality! Kind of…

Turns out, Samsung have discovered a way to detect a new type of particle called fizons, which only exist in an alternate universe where deceased people go. It’s basically a purgatory – we still don’t know anything about a proper afterlife, unfortunately. However, they also predominantly constitute the “people” there so when we visualise these particles, we can see people who have passed on! Cool or creepy? You decide.

With Fizoptic glasses, we would be able to do this! However, we wouldn’t be able to interact with anyone, as they wouldn’t be able to see us since they’re still in another universe, remember. But wouldn’t it be fascinating to see what Stephen Hawking does in his spare time now that he’s left us? Or see whether Adolf Hitler is being consumed by his own guilt or if he’s at peace? Or if you’re a lonely widower, you may be able to put on Fizoptics and see that your deceased partner is actually sat right next to you, watching the same television show!

The glasses have a tiny transmitter in them which broadcasts a beam of extremely high frequency waves (out of reach for human detection). They are so small that they are picked up by fizons in the alternate dimension. When fizons detect these waves, they get highly excited and start to vibrate. After a few milliseconds, they relax again, which transmits energy back to the glasses to allow us to visualise the particles.

Think of it like that old Doctor Who episode (spoiler alert) where everyone was interacting with ghosts only to find out they were really Cybermen and then Rose died and the world ended. Minus the last part.

Now, I understand that there aren’t many advantages to having these glasses other than maybe curing some loneliness or quenching some curiosity, but these glasses are still in their early stages of testing so it may not even make it to the market. But perhaps given time, the deceased people on the other side will also create these glasses too, and maybe one day we’ll be able to communicate! The possibilities are endless. Besides, the other side has Stephen Hawking AND David Bowie, so it’s probably a lot better over there, anyway.

So, get your dinner tables ready, because in a few short years, your imaginary dinner parties may just become a reality.

**DISCLAIMER: This was an article written for April Fool’s Day, 2018. The above article was intended for entertainment purposes only and may include completely fabricated facts.**

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